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Have the Right kit for the Right Work out!
posted on 23/05/14 by Daniel Hodgson

Pickering based Personal Trainer - Peter Nelson - recommends kit requirements for each training sessions needs.

4 Training Sessions Types you need to kit yourself out for.

1) High Intensity work outs

2) Stretching and recovery work out

3) Cardio and Endurance.  (running, cycling, rowing, walking, t popular etc)

4) Fitness Class and weights workout


So let's start with,

1)    High Intensity Training (HIT)

One of the most popular forms of 'keep fit and burn body fat' for good reason. You work near enough max heart rate (80-95%) for intervals of time (20-30s), pushing the intensity increases blood flow, demand for oxygen and energy, raising the bodies temperature, so to cool, we sweat!

Clothing needs to be fitted, light, ventilated, so the body can cool and work longer and harder!


2) Stretching & Recovery (Pilates, Yoga & Sports Mobility)

So importantly for the body and muscles to be a ale to stretch we need need our clothing to be fitted, yet stretchy and durable. Especially with the girls we needs clothes to support and allow us to feel comfortable and confident while exercising. Tees and vest that don't show huge sweat patches and give great ventilation.


3) Cardio and Endurance Sports (Running, Cycling, Football)

These types of clothing are usually technological advanced, protection from the weather and importantly the ultra-violet sun rays! Endurance is training for time and distance so comfort and fit is the first to look at. Being seen by traffic and other track/road users is a must so fluorescent lines and patches ideally in the pattern/fabric. Get something with ventilation and support, maybe for runners compression clothing for reduced muscle wastage.


4) Group Fitness Classes / Weight Training

So being part of group classes is fantastic, everyone there has lots of energy and all encourage to find that extra push. Saying that you can find yourself doing wonderful exercises and strange body positions, so it's really important you have fitted clothing to keep everything in! On the weight training side, clothing that helps movement with a little compression is great for blood flow and pushing for that extra few reps.