How Much Is a New Football Kit Going to Cost?

How much does a football kit cost?! This is always the first question any club or academy will ask when they are wanting new football kit.

We have answered this question plenty of times over the years, and in most cases, we often build quotes that are tailored to each teams need.

We know grassroots and non-league level football is at breaking point with many clubs struggling, even more so now after Covid-19 so we understand that price matters. It’s an important factor to many clubs but we know you still want to look good on the pitch!

The Cost of a Football Kit: A Few Things to Consider

It is tough to answer this question straight off the mark because there are so many options when it comes to football kits. The brand you go for plays a big part and more often than not we don’t know the price until we have figured out exactly what you as a club want and need.

At a time where grassroots and football clubs are in need of help, we thought we would offer some realistic prices, based on current 2021 teamwear ranges from adidas, Nike, Joma and Stanno which will include all our customisation costs too.

Please keep in mind that all prices are only estimates and prices can and do vary based on the product(s), customisation, quantity, and brand you choose so please bare that in mind!

How much does a football kit cost?

The prices you see below we have separated into brands. Each price includes 15 outfield shirts and 1 goalkeeper set with customisation from print to embroidery. As with anything the more options you go for such as the latest range, a 3-colour sponsor, printed names on shirts etc. then naturally the price goes up. Stick to the very basics and you can keep costs down.

adidas Football Kit

Most men’s adidas football kits cost between £592.75 to £1397.55. We used the adidas Estro 19 jerseys for the lowest price which are the cheapest adidas football shirts coming in at £9.76 per shirt. The new adidas Condivo 21 jersey is what we used for the higher price and these are £32.25 each. The most expensive kit features embroidered badges, printed numbers, printed player names and a multi coloured sponsor where as the Estro 19 kit only features a printed badge, 1 colour sponsor and printed numbers.

The red adidas football kit you can see below is our Pro-Am recommendation for an adidas football kit. Coming in at £688.05 we have used embroidered badges, a 2 colour sponsor and printed club numbers with the adidas Entrada 18 Jersey. This jersey is made using 100% recycled polyester, comes in 11 different colours and is £11.25 per shirt! You can’t go wrong!

To see the latest football kit ranges that we have to offer check out the adidas catalogue here.

Nike Football Kit

On average for a men’s Nike football kit the cost can range from £590.90 to £1645.38. Again, for these prices we used the cheapest Nike jersey, Park VII, from their 2021 collection and their most expensive: VaporKnit III. For the Park VII we included a printed 1 colour badge, sponsor and printed numbers. This jersey comes in 15 different colours and is £11.25 per shirt. It’s easier customisable and looks incredibly smart!

The most expensive, Nike VaporKnit III, features embroidered badges, printed names, printed numbers and a digi print sponsor which includes more than 4 colours. This shirt is designed for the most elite teams as its priced at £41.21 per shirt.

Our Pro-Am recommendation for the current Nike 2021 teamwear would be the Nike Trophy IV Jersey (this is the dark blue kit you will see below), it’s one of our most favourite shirts ever from Nike and the colour ways are incredible. It comes in 11 different colours and is £14.96 per shirt. For 15 outfields and a goalkeeper set which includes embroidered badge set up, 16 embroidered badges, a 2 colour sponsor and printed shirt numbers you could get this kit for £701.80.

To see all Nike football shirts which are currently available click here to download the catalogue.

Joma Football Kit

For Joma we tend to find prices for football kits are a bit cheaper than Nike and adidas. For a men’s Joma football kit, prices can vary from £502.75 to £893.17. Both of these prices include the same customisation as the Nike and adidas kits, the cheapest includes a printed badge, sponsor and numbers with the most expensive kit including embroidered badges, printed numbers, player names and a digi print sponsor. As we mentioned above, the type of brand you go for as a club can really affect the price of a football kit. If you’re on a lower budget then we find Joma is a great suit!

Our recommended Pro-Am football kit for Joma would be Joma Inter Jersey. It’s available in long and short sleeves and comes in 9 different colour ways. For 15 football kits and a goal keeper set with embroidered badges, 2 colour sponsor and printed kit numbers it comes in at £646.80. This is the black and blue stripped kit you will see below.

To see all Joma football kits available you can download their catalogue here.

Stanno Football Kits

Coming in at an even lower price than Joma is Stanno, a brand not many people know about. For a men’s Stanno football kit prices can cost between £457.61 to £802.42. Stanno strongly believe in their design philosophy: Function. Form. Attitude. And although prices are cheaper the quality and design of their kits are unbelievable for the price!

Our recommended Pro-Am football kit for Stanno is £625.94. We have chosen the long sleeved Arezzo shirt and is priced at £13.50 per shirt. For this jersey we have suggested a centred badge due to the centred Stanno logo and it’s available in 6 different colours.

You can find Stannos’ teamwear here - Just download the catalogue.

Customisation Costs Broken Down

We have 2 sets of prices when it comes to customisation. All customisation in done by our team in-house here in Malton. Customisation is where we add your clubs badge, printed sponsors or initials etc. It’s where we make the kit yours. Where your clubs identity is created.

If you’re wanting an embroidered badge on your kit, then we would need your badge in a DST format. If you don’t have this type of image available, then we would need to set up your club badge for our embroidery machines. From then on your badge is ready for embroidery and you pay per badge.

Embroidery Prices:

Embroidered Badge Setup (one off charge) - £24.00

Embroidered Club Badge - £4.80 per badge

Embroidered Initials - £3.50 per initials

Embroidered Text - £3.50 per text

Printing Prices:

Printed Club Badge (1-3 colours) - £4.50 per badge

Multicoloured Printed Club Badge (4+ colours) - £5.00 per badge

Printed Shirt Numbers - £3.00 per number

Printed Short Numbers - £2.50 per number

Printed Text (Player Name) - £4.00 per text

Printed Initials - £3.50 per initials

Sponsor Printing Prices:

Printed 1 Colour Sponsor - £4.00 per print

Printed 2 colour Sponsor - £4.50 per print

Printed Multicoloured Sponsor - £5.00 per print

If you are a Pro-Am Partner, then we offer cheaper embroidery and printing prices for our members. (To see if you qualify for a membership, click here.)

All the prices above are simply only estimates and the final price when it comes to creating your football kit may look different. We always offer at least 25% off RRP and this applies to all teamwear no matter what! To request your quote for a football kit please get in touch!