Heads up | Heads Together

Let’s Talk about Mental Health. WHY? Because it’s okay to not be okay.

Heads Up, a campaign launched this week by the Duke of Cambridge aims to generate “the biggest conversation ever” about male mental health. All major footballing bodies have united to support the Heads Up campaign.

The Duke of Cambridge, who is also president of the Football Association (FA) said “Over the course of the next five months, Heads Up will use one of the most powerful, unifying forces in our society – football – to spread the message that we all have mental health, just as we all have physical health.

"Our ambition is to start the largest ever conversation on mental health and to ensure there is a lasting mental health legacy for the game in this country. I hope Heads Up can help us all take another big step forward in shattering the stigma that surrounds mental health.”

The Premier League will dedicate Matchweek 26 fixtures to raising awareness and games will kick off one minute later than scheduled as a 60 second film will be broadcasted to stadiums encouraging football fans to “take a minute” and to take action on their mental health. Football fans will be encouraged to get their own “mind plan”, a free tool on Every Mind Matters website.

The mind plan involves “taking a minute” to answer questions about how they are feeling before generating a personalised action plan that aims to prevent common concerns escalating by dealing with stress, boost mood and improving sleep.

Not only this but the FA Cup final in May will be dedicated to Heads Up, as well as all matches held over two weekends in February AND England’s match against Italy at Wembley will also be used to help generate conversations and normalise mental health.

Here at Pro-Am we feel it’s so important to speak up if you’re struggling and we will be behind this campaign every step of the way. We are here to help so please see the links below if you feel like you're struggling or you would like to help someone.

For your free Mind Plan please click here 

If you’d like to seek help for mental health click here

If you feel like you need urgent help click here